Residential Services

Your home is a place for rest and enjoyment.  The most important hours of the your day are spent in your home.  The environmental air quality of your home is important to you because it directly relates to the quality of rest and enjoyment you have in your home.

We provide whole house air purification systems that purify the air, optimize air quality and increase oxygen levels.  Our technologies are installed directly into the central HVAC system of your home.

We do not simply sell filter media or UV light technology.  In fact, we categorize these types of technologies as passive approaches to air treatment.  They wait for the polluted air to pass by to have a small effect on the air.  Our technologies are active systems.  They produce highly effective ion clusters from the moisture in the air of your home and send them throughout the home via the air ducts to consistently treat the entire home environment.  Read more on our solutions page

Reduce asthma.

Reduce allergies.

Reduce sicknesses.

Increase negative ions (oxygen).

Straightforward advantages:

  • Reduce asthma
  • Reduce allergies
  • Enjoy better sleep
  • Reduce communicable sickness
  • Reduce volatile organic compounds
  • Deodorize the air without using chemicals
  • Restore the much needed healthy ion levels of your home