Institutional Services

The environmental air quality of the indoor air in any institution is very important.  Poor air quality has both physical and mental repercussions.

There as always a level of microbial contamination, odours, volatile organic compounds, allergens, and particulate matter in these environments, which interfere with the well-being of the occupants.

We at Active Clean Environment have very effective solutions for your institution that would optimize the environmental air quality of your facility and benefit all the occupants who use it.

The use of our technologies in your facility will greatly decrease the level of pollution in the air that is breathed in; along with sanitizing all the adjacent surfaces in the treatment area.  The reaction of our technology with the moisture in the air increases the level of negative oxygen ions which make the air feel pure and revitalizing to breathe.

Straightforward advantages:

    • Purified air
    • Low operational cost
    • Sanitize adjacent surfaces
    • Not a passive filter technology
    • Active in destroying microbial pollutants
    • Active in deodorizing the indoor environment
    • Rejuvenating the air by restoring healthy ion levels
    • Able to benefit people by helping with mood and productivity

    Places of Application:

    • Schools
    • Military
    • Libraries
    • Daycares
    • Universities
    • Government
    • Court Houses
    • Community Centres
    • Social Service Buildings