Animal Services

Animal ServicesAnimals being indoors effects the quality of the indoor air.  This is magnified in animal services.

We at Active Clean Environment (ACE) provide active technologies that fight all contaminates that is sourced from animals.  Our technologies naturally deodorize the air without chemicals, sanitize microbial pollutants, and purify the air.  Read more about our technology

Our technologies will do the following for you:

1. Deodorize
2. Reduce Particles (dander)
3. Kill microbiological contaminates
4. Deactivate volatile organic compounds
5. Increase indoor negative ion (oxygen) levels to optimal conditions

Proven to do these things for the indoor air, the ACE technologies become the best available technology to enhance the environment in places with animals.

Straightforward advantages:

    • Purify the air
    • Reduce kennel cough
    • Reduce the spread of infection
    • Deodourize without the use of chemicals
    • Restore the healthy ion levels which will benefit both humans and pets

    Places of Application:

    • Pet Shops
    • Animal Shelters
    • Grooming Centers
    • Veterinary Hospitals