Commercial Services

We at Active Clean Environment (ACE) want to help you enhance your commercial environments.  The use of our environmental air quality technologies is highly beneficial, both for bottom lines and occupant moral.

The indoor air quality in a commercial environment is not optimal.  Pollutants are being introduced from the outdoors and constantly created from a variety of sources indoors.

Filtration is the most common way of cleaning commercial indoor spaces from pollutants, yet occupants are still negatively affected from the poor air quality in these environments.  Sick building syndrome, loss of productivity and worker absenteeism are all very costly concerns for business owners, yet our technologies can help reduce these costs with optimal air quality.

We would like to go beyond the standards in air quality technologies and truly improve the environmental air quality of your building.
The air needs to be free from indoor pollutants and rich in ions in order to benefit those who inhale it. The indoor environment with optimal ion levels is the one with true quality air.  Without high ion levels, the air is stale and unhealthy.

Our technologies are incorporated directly into the central HVAC system of the building to flow with the air and treat every reachable area of your environment.  See our products

We have received very positive data back from our clients about the benefits our technologies have brought them in their commercial environments.

Outdoor AirIndoor Air
Typical air200-3000 ions/cm310-100 ions/cm3
Optimal air7000-14000 ions/cm31000-1500 ions/cm3

Straightforward advantages:

    • Increase ion levels
    • Low operational cost
    • Remove airborne allergens
    • Chemical free deodorization
    • Reduce Sick Building Syndrome
    • Reduce levels of fine and ultrafine particles
    • Prevent transfer of sickness such as Influenza
    • Deactivate Volatile Organic Compounds safely

    Places of application:

    • Casinos
    • Airports
    • Theaters
    • Airplanes
    • Museums
    • Restaurants
    • Hotel Rooms
    • Retail Outlets
    • Grocery Stores
    • Fitness Centers
    • Office Buildings
    • Food Processing Plants
    • Transportation Services