Industrial Services

At Active Clean Environmental (ACE) we are able to assist industrial businesses with solutions that effectively improve their environmental air quality.

Our technologies are proven to greatly reduce odours and gasses to make the environment safer and easier to work in, also sterilizing the air and adjacent surfaces form biological contaminates. Click here to view our solutions page

We provide solutions that can be incorporated right into an industrial building’ air supply systems.  With this method we are able to provide a thorough treatment of the targeted areas continuously.

We also provide custom systems to replace the conventional methods of air scrubbers and bio filters for exhausted air.  Our systems have much lower operational costs than what is currently being used for air treatment.  With this method we channel the exhausted air of the facility into a reaction chamber that treats the air with our ion cluster technology before releasing it out.  This method also greatly reduces plume. View our products page

Straightforward advantages:

  • Cleaner air quality
  • Reduce complaints
  • Highly effective odour abatement
  • Deactivation of over 200 Volatile Organic Compounds
  • Consistent sterilization of the indoor air and adjacent surfaces from germs
  • Very low operational costs compared to scrubber and bio filter technologies

Places of application:

    • Factories
    • Greenhouses
    • Oil and Mining
    • Animal Farms
    • Chicken Farms
    • Pulp and Paper
    • Food Processing
    • Meat Processing
    • Waste Treatment
    • Water Treatment
    • Leather Processing
    • Manufacturing Plants

Product Comparison