Thank you for visiting the ACE website. The main reason behind our organization, the essence of its existence, is to bring a better quality of life to all people. Breath is a vital component to healthy living. Unfortunately, people gravely underestimate its value. Fresh air is essential for the human body to function properly. Polluted air makes way for an endless list of possible symptoms and diseases from itchy eyes to lung cancer. We exist to minimize sickness and disease, to optimize indoor environmental air quality, and to enhance your quality of living.

Most enclosed spaces are highly polluted. The levels of pollution indoors can be up to ten times the pollution levels of what it is outdoors (source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency). Pathogens, allergens, odours, volatile organic compounds, fine and ultra-fine particles are prevalent in almost all indoor environments.  ACE, along with it’s international partners, is striving to become the foremost leader in providing optimal air quality systems and solutions. Thank you for visiting and please check in again to further educate yourself about ACE, air quality, and our HiGen_m technologies. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.