Many gaseous compounds can make their presence known immediately because of their ability to evoke odour sensations. Although odour pollution is usually not directly harmful to health, it can affect mental attitudes and enjoyment of the environment.   Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) can also give off odour sensations.

Odours are produced from a long list of activities that occur naturally.  A person or place that has an obnoxious odour will create a negative impression on those that are subject to such an environment.

Sources of Odour:

People, animals, plants, fragrances, furniture, building materials, cooking, waste, wastewater, industrial activities, tobacco smoke, and chemicals – such as cleaning agents are sources of odours.

Harmful Effects:

Depending on there source, odours can trigger illnesses such as asthma, depression, stress-induced illness, or hypersensitivity. Ability to perform tasks may decrease, and other social/behavioral changes may occur. In a professional environment, the presence of odours can harm reputation and income or reduce the value of that environment.